My smooth transition
into fall colors

Whoever told you black and brown don't go good together was wrong!
At ready-to-wear fall 2010 fashion shows we saw some great examples of how well they get along. I already started my smooth transition into fall colors even though we've been having a late summer. I chose a silky brown top, skinny black pants and brown snakeskin sandals to go on a meeting last week. I feel like I can wear this outfit again when the cold weather knocks on my door. I would just combine it with a camel coat and would be ready to go! And yes, StrangeBeautiful nail polish and Pacci Designs' Gingko leaf ring and necklace. From the top, left to right: Chanel, Carlos Miele, Burberry Prorsum and Elise Overland.


  1. I like to wear riding brownboots with black jegging. But now I will try to mix my black and brown clothes. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Ainda tem gente que teme usar marrom com preto! Eu acho muito chic!

  3. Nunca ouso usar preto e marrom pelo fato de tanta gente condenar a combinação dessa cores. Mas vc me inspirou a fazer uma tentativa para o outono...Te mando fotos para vc me falar se eu sucedi o qto vc na sua escolha...ficou linda!!

  4. Thank you for the special comments ladies!
    Please send a pic of you wearing black and brown!!!!