Exchanging Clothes

Realized this past week that I can survive with just half of my closet!
Like most women, I love the idea of a huge walk-in closet, full of clothes, shoes and lots and lots of space to just store stuff. I've been keeping clothes in my closet as if they were memories in my brain. That straw bag I bought on my trip to Bali, the sarong I wore at so many camping trips to the beaches in Brazil, that pair of jeans that my dad gave me for Christmas, those pants I got in London...
Last week my friends cooked dinner and we got together to exchange clothes we no longer "needed". My attempt to clean my closet was clearly a failure! I gave away only a bag of clothes and brought home a cute denim skirt, flat sandals, shorts, two tops and a dress. A couple o f days after that I really decided I was   gonna live with just half of my closet. Surprisingly, I'm still alive, and still have great memories of my trips and Christmas! And better than that, I was able to detach from material goods and bring new energy into my house. You should try it... I got a serotonin rush that can be compared to that shopping "feel good" sensation!


  1. i have loads of clothes imbued with memories-- well, i guess with some boxes and moth balls, they can be stored and loved. :)

  2. love your blog! U R doing a great job

  3. To devilishlypleasurable:
    I still couldn't get rid of the pair of jeans that was the last gift my dad gave me. It's just too special and it does need to be stored and loved!

    To Nadia:
    Thank you so much Nadia! Check again soon... will keep blogging!

  4. That's one of my new year's resolution....get ride of some of my clothes.....I don't know if can really do it......Let's see...I will let you Know when I come back from ozzie land!!
    By the way, loved the blog!! Bjbj