Exchanging Clothes

Realized this past week that I can survive with just half of my closet!
Like most women, I love the idea of a huge walk-in closet, full of clothes, shoes and lots and lots of space to just store stuff. I've been keeping clothes in my closet as if they were memories in my brain. That straw bag I bought on my trip to Bali, the sarong I wore at so many camping trips to the beaches in Brazil, that pair of jeans that my dad gave me for Christmas, those pants I got in London...
Last week my friends cooked dinner and we got together to exchange clothes we no longer "needed". My attempt to clean my closet was clearly a failure! I gave away only a bag of clothes and brought home a cute denim skirt, flat sandals, shorts, two tops and a dress. A couple o f days after that I really decided I was   gonna live with just half of my closet. Surprisingly, I'm still alive, and still have great memories of my trips and Christmas! And better than that, I was able to detach from material goods and bring new energy into my house. You should try it... I got a serotonin rush that can be compared to that shopping "feel good" sensation!


My smooth transition
into fall colors

Whoever told you black and brown don't go good together was wrong!
At ready-to-wear fall 2010 fashion shows we saw some great examples of how well they get along. I already started my smooth transition into fall colors even though we've been having a late summer. I chose a silky brown top, skinny black pants and brown snakeskin sandals to go on a meeting last week. I feel like I can wear this outfit again when the cold weather knocks on my door. I would just combine it with a camel coat and would be ready to go! And yes, StrangeBeautiful nail polish and Pacci Designs' Gingko leaf ring and necklace. From the top, left to right: Chanel, Carlos Miele, Burberry Prorsum and Elise Overland.


Dijon Mustard Nail Polish combined with Pacci's Gingko Ring
Decided to go on an adventure this week (nail "polishly" speaking)! I was at the mall and had just 5 extra minutes to look around, and since every second spent at Anthopologie is worth it, that was my destination. I was able to see the whole store quickly, and when I was almost leaving, this elegant double nail polish packaging calls my attention. A dijon mustard color combined with gray incites me, and in a second I'm convinced I have to grab it and go to the register. StrangeBeautiful is the company who makes these stunningly provocative but wearable hues. I was so excited to have a manicure done, but was too busy that day. The next day, this was the first thing I did in the morning. Put on my Gingko Leaf ring (cause we're inseparable!) and voilĂ ! I kind of like this strange beauty!


Dries Van Noten
Fall 2010 rtw

Mauricio Aurvalle
from Urban Expressionism
exhibit 2004

It seems like Dries Van Noten got inspired by the colors of Mauricio Aurvalle's painting for his 2010 Fall Collection. What a nice palette! My architect friend Mauricio is a natural born artist. His notion of aesthetic is unbelievable, not only in interior design and the beautiful houses he creates, but also in different mediums he uses to express himself. Watercolor, acrylic, you name it! I specially like his big canvases! Please keep them coming Mauricio!


California Atelier outfit

Gingko leaf earrings
Pacci Designs
Sterling Silver

Felt like wearing my hi top green sneakers today. Paired with white shorts, a denim shirt, vintage necklace and Pacci Designs gingko earrings. I'm ready to start my day!
Not only green in color, my shoes from Simple are also earth friendly green. Simple Shoes, a Santa Barbara based company, is committed to making their shoes 100% sustainable. Among the materials they use are recycled car tires, hemp, recycled carpet padding and eco-certified suede and leather. Love it and support it!!!


Grand Stabile Rouge
Paris 1974

Woke up thinking about Calder, and how he has inspired my life and my work in so many ways. I was 7 years old when I saw "Grand Stabile Rouge", one of his "stabiles". But his "mobiles" were the ones that always caught my attention... perfect use of equilibrium creating sculptures made out of rods and weighted objects that balance each other and rotate with air. Later I learned he made jewelry, using mostly brass, copper and simple cold connections to create elaborate wearable art! I was so inspired when I went to his exhibit with my architect and photographer friend Camila Hoefel! I didn't need any more reasons to love Calder.... but he also did sets for Martha Graham, the mother of modern dance that also happens to be one of my idols =) Oh, Calder! Such a Genius!

circa 1946


At Pacci Designs launch Party. Nicolle Nogueira from RACCO cosmetics with designer Thais Pacci and Ety Rauen also from RACCO cosmetics. More events like this to come! Love it!

Gingko Biloba Ring

$85.00 Made to order by Pacci Designs.
I collected many gingko leaves on the streets of New York... kept them inside my sketchbook for a year and then they became patterns for my "Flowers and Leaves" collection.

Flowers I see on my daily walks with my dog. Nature inspiring!

Dylan Stavros wears Orchid earrings and necklace by Pacci Designs.


At Pacci Designs launch party. Katie Barbosa with the jewelry Designer Thais Pacci and Jackie Rizatti.