An evening full of joy, food, and of course, Pacci jewelry!

Kelli Fontana, myself and Katie Barbosa wear Feather Leaf earrings, Pepper Leaf earrings,
Ginkgo ring and Ginkgo earrings respectively.

Cheers to an evening of joy and happiness

Etyane Rauen got Philodendrum Leaf earrings from her boyfriend 

Luana Schinemann scored a pair of the Popcorn Flower earrings.
Ety decided to put on her new pair of Philodendrum earrings right away!

Luana proudly shows off her husband's gifts to her.
Ginkgo ring one one hand, wedding ring on the other.

Myself and Ety

Beauties Luana Schinemann and Etyane Rauen 


Dance, dance otherwise we are lost

Film maker Wim Wenders can safely say "that 3D and dance are made for each other". 
This trailer of the film "Pina - Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost" shows that dance can now be seen on the big screen without loosing its most important element: space! The german choreographer Pina Bausch would be proud to see that works like hers will live forever. Once considered the most ephemeral of the art forms, dance existed only at the time of the performance, and would die with the choreographer. Now with the advances in technology dance will be immortalized! For someone like me, who was involved with dance, this is one of the greatest things that technology could have brought us... am I right dancer friends???
 I present to you my new favorites

Popcorn flower earrings. Sterling silver

I present to you my new favorites: the popcorn flower earrings and necklaceThese pieces are part of my Flowers and Leaves collection and are, of course, inspired by the nature. They are my faves of the moment because they are delicate, feminine and sophisticated and go well with everything. You can either dress it up or dress it down! Handmade in California. Made-to-order

Popcorn flower necklace. Sterling silver and fresh water pearl


Beauty is everywhere

Photo: Bianca Barreto

Photo: Bianca Barreto

Photo: Bianca Barreto

There are so many things that I like about my mom and sister's trips to San Diego. One of them is that I always end up with tons of pictures of flowers, and close up shots of nature's details, colors and textures. And they inspire me so much! My sister took these pictures of poppy flowers and poppy pods. I marvel at these images every time I look at them, and thought they were way too wonderful to omit... so that's what I decided to share with you today. Beauty is everywhere, just look around you!


Zucchini Risotto 

All right! Here comes my second post about food!
It's being cold in California lately, so nothing better than staying home and cooking some yummy food...
I was craving risotto last week, so I grabbed the ingredients I already had in my fridge and prepared this dish. Below is the list of the ingredients i used:
Arborio rice, low sodium vegetable stock, zucchinni, kalamata olives, sugar plum tomatoes, basil, rosemary, salt and pepper, topped with fresh arugula and grated parmesan cheese!
Very easy and fast to prepare... you should try!
Buon appetito!