An evening full of joy, food, and of course, Pacci jewelry!

Kelli Fontana, myself and Katie Barbosa wear Feather Leaf earrings, Pepper Leaf earrings,
Ginkgo ring and Ginkgo earrings respectively.

Cheers to an evening of joy and happiness

Etyane Rauen got Philodendrum Leaf earrings from her boyfriend 

Luana Schinemann scored a pair of the Popcorn Flower earrings.
Ety decided to put on her new pair of Philodendrum earrings right away!

Luana proudly shows off her husband's gifts to her.
Ginkgo ring one one hand, wedding ring on the other.

Myself and Ety

Beauties Luana Schinemann and Etyane Rauen 

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  1. gente...mais que coisa mais linda esses brincos...todos maravilhosos e particulares!!