California Atelier outfit

Gingko leaf earrings
Pacci Designs
Sterling Silver

Felt like wearing my hi top green sneakers today. Paired with white shorts, a denim shirt, vintage necklace and Pacci Designs gingko earrings. I'm ready to start my day!
Not only green in color, my shoes from Simple are also earth friendly green. Simple Shoes, a Santa Barbara based company, is committed to making their shoes 100% sustainable. Among the materials they use are recycled car tires, hemp, recycled carpet padding and eco-certified suede and leather. Love it and support it!!!


  1. É bonita a forma com que a essência sustenta-se na aparência. Aparentemente o aroma natural da cultura humana torna-se mais aparente ainda, e parente que é, forma o par de quem artista é

  2. I know that Pacci was interviewed by NBC!!!
    Please let us see the pictures here!
    And let us know the link to watch the video!
    Thank you!