Dijon Mustard Nail Polish combined with Pacci's Gingko Ring
Decided to go on an adventure this week (nail "polishly" speaking)! I was at the mall and had just 5 extra minutes to look around, and since every second spent at Anthopologie is worth it, that was my destination. I was able to see the whole store quickly, and when I was almost leaving, this elegant double nail polish packaging calls my attention. A dijon mustard color combined with gray incites me, and in a second I'm convinced I have to grab it and go to the register. StrangeBeautiful is the company who makes these stunningly provocative but wearable hues. I was so excited to have a manicure done, but was too busy that day. The next day, this was the first thing I did in the morning. Put on my Gingko Leaf ring (cause we're inseparable!) and voilĂ ! I kind of like this strange beauty!

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  1. Eu adorei tbem! Ficou linda.... Vou la conferir tbem